What Can Happen If Anxiety Remains Untreated – Can It Lead To Other Psychological Disorders?

Everyone worries. We worry about our families, our pets, our work situation, and our neighbors. The list of worries could go on into infinity, but when those worries begin to grow so large that they affect our physical health, sleeping patterns, social lives, and normal everyday activities, they are probably the result of a more serious condition called anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder can affect all ages, from children to the elderly, and it is not a psychological disorder that people can recover from without professional treatment. If anxiety is left untreated, it can lead to severe depression and even suicidal thoughts and behaviors over the long term. It also has a profound effect on friends and family.

While some researchers are debating the link to hereditary components in many anxiety disorders, they all agree that there is a chemical or biological factor involved. This is the reason that drugs such as Paxil, BuSpar, and Prozac are often tried in various combinations during treatment. Finding the proper combinations and the right amounts of these medications for individual clients is a team effort which takes time and coordination. Because of this, anxiety residential treatment is often the preferred method of treatment.

Anxiety residential treatment also allows the team of medical professionals to focus on more than drug intervention. During this type of therapy, clients are in a compassionate facility which supports all aspects of recovery. They are involved in individualized analysis and treatment almost daily and are supported through group therapy by other clients who know exactly what they are experiencing. Family programs are also offered so that those closest to the client become more educated about the particular condition afflicting their loved one and how they can help once the patient is able to leave the facility.

Anxiety residential treatment also encourages clients to replace old destructive behaviors, such as poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, with healthier choices. Clients who become more physically fit through exercise programs such as walking or yoga are better able to work toward stable mental health. Better physical health also means that fewer medications can be used, thus lowering the side effects that may be experienced by the client.

Holistic anxiety residential treatment where clients are provided clean, safe housing gives them a refuge in which they can focus only on their psychological issues. Whether they are having difficulty with generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, a sever phobia, panic attacks, or any other debilitating condition caused by anxiety, clients in an environment of supportive people usually recover faster than those without this safety net.

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